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The Cisco® Network Convergence System 2000 evolves the Cisco ROADM portfolio by introducing Cisco nLight ROADM technology. By supporting touchless reconfigurability through colorless, omnidirectional, and contentionless add/drop, networks built upon nLight ROADM can instantly respond to new bandwidth requests, route around network failures, and dynamically adjust their topology - all without manual intervention. The Cisco NCS 2000 16-port Flex Spectrum ROADM Line Card (NCS2K-16-WXC-FS) is a double-slot unit that provides multidegree switching capabilities, not only at the individual wavelength level, but also with flexible spectrum allocations. You can use the 16-port Flex Spectrum ROADM Line Card in the core of the network to build ROADM nodes with 96 channels spaced at 50 GHz, Flex Spectrum channels, or a combination of the two. The same unit can provide colorless multiplexing and demultiplexing to ROADM nodes.