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Product Description

Series Overview: 

Cisco® Content Delivery Engines (CDEs) are a family of carrier-class appliances that power the Cisco Content Delivery System (CDS), an innovative, network-based, modular platform for video delivery. The Cisco CDS delivers an unprecedented level of scalability and reliability while giving service providers a distinct service-velocity advantage in enabling the next generation of personalized entertainment and interactive media. The Cisco CDS platform combines Cisco CDEs with Content Delivery Applications (CDAs), software elements that provide ingest, storage, caching, personalization, streaming, and other real-time, scalable, and resilient capabilities. Cisco CDEs and CDAs can be flexibly configured to support a host of networked value-added services that service providers can rapidly deploy to attract and retain subscribers.

Networked Cisco CDEs work together to form a scalable, flexible, and highly available system that enables service providers to rapidly deploy high-value services such as video on demand (VoD), time-shift TV, network personal video recording (nPVR), and targeted ad insertion.

Product Overview:

Cisco Content Delivery Engines form the hardware foundation of the Cisco Content Delivery System platform, and consist of a number of networked, multifunction server appliances that can be centrally managed as a single “virtual” server. Each Cisco CDE within the virtual server performs one or more functions depending on which of the Content Delivery Applications are installed on it.

The Cisco CDAs can be grouped into the following service types:

  • TV streaming: Content delivery to TV sets through cable or IPTV set-top boxes
  • Internet streaming: Content delivery to IP devices connected to the Internet
  • Cisco Visual Qu Cisco Visual Quality Experience (Cisco VQE): Error repair, statistics gathering, and channel change-time acceleration