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Product Description

The Cisco ONS15216-MD-48-CM is 50 GHz/100 GHz C-band interleaver and deinterleaver pluggable that provides signal interleaving and deinterleaving in 50-GHz channel spacing DWDM systems. It operates inside the ONS 15216-MD-40, ONS 15216-EF-40, or ONS 15216-MD-48 odd and even patch panels.

The Cisco ONS15216-MD-48-CME is a bidirectional unit that has the MUX and the DEMUX functions implemented as two different sections. The DEMUX section includes an optical splitter to split the optical signal evenly into two different output ports: EVEN-TX port and ODD-TX port. The optical coupler provides the MUX section and combines even and odd channels signals at 100 GHz spacing (EVEN-RX and ODD-RX ports respectively) into a signal of 50 GHz channel spacing.

The ONS 15216-MD-48-CM/15216-MD-48-CME interfaces between the following:

  • 15216-MD-40 odd/even patch panels and 80 channels of wavelengths
  • 15216-EF-40 odd/even patch panels and 80 channels of wavelengths
  • 15216-MD-48 odd/even patch panels and 96 channels of wavelengths

The advantages of installing the ONS15216-MD-48-CM/15216-MD-48-CME are:

  • Extends existing network capacity.
  • Provides low-cost future proofing of network capacity.
  • Allows for non-traffic affecting capacity upgrade when the patch panel is equipped with the ONS15216-MD-48-CM/15216-MD-48-CME pluggable at first installation.

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