Cisco 15216-EF-40-ODD ONS 15216 40ch Mux/DeMux Exposed Faceplate Patch Panel Odd

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Product Description

The ONS 15216-EF-40-ODD= and ONS 15216-EF-40-EVEN= units are the Cisco ONS 15216 Exposed Faceplate (EF) Multiplexer/Demultiplexer patch panels of 40-channels spaced at 100 GHz on the Odd or Even ITU grid respectively. The difference between the ONS 15216-EF-40-ODD and ONS 15216-EF-40-EVEN patch panel is the operating 100 GHz ITU grid. The ONS 15216-EF-40-ODD or ONS 15216-EF-40-EVEN patch panel enables 40-channels of ITU wavelengths to be placed or removed from a single fiber. The patch panel can combine 40-channels of ITU wavelengths spaced at 100 GHz to a denser DWDM signal and separate the combined signal to 40-channels of ITU wavelengths spaced at 100 GHz. To increase the network capacity, the patch panel is plugged with a Cisco ONS 15216 50/100 GHz Interleaver and Deinterleaver module (15216-MD-ID-50 or 15216-MD-48-CM) and is used along with another patch panel of a different grid (odd or even). The interleaver module combines the signals from the 15216-EF-40-ODD and 15216-EF-40-EVEN patch panels spaced at 100 GHz to a denser DWDM signal spaced at 50 GHz and the deinterleaver module splits the combined signal (80 channel signal) to the 15216-EF-40-ODD and 15216-EF-40-EVEN patch panels in the opposite direction.

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